Burnaby councillor will keep his seat while he campaigns for MLA in Vancouver

Coun. James Wang, City Council Photo

James Wang said he will keep his seat on Burnaby City Council  while he campaigns in South Vancouver for a seat with the NDP in May’s provincial election.

Wang, who has lived in Burnaby for over 15 years, said he was approached by the BC NDP to run in the election because he has “strong ties” to the Vancouver-Langara riding.

“I don’t think there is any bylaw that says you have to resign, then you can run for MLA,” he said. “For me I don’t think it’s a big issue. It’s only two months.”

View of Vancouver from Burnaby Mountain. Sam Gao, Flickr

Wang said the mayor and council support his decision to run for the NDP, even if that means missing a few meetings.

“For the most important meetings I will try my best to attend, but if I cannot the full council and mayor they will fully support me,” he said. “I can still do my council job while I do my campaign, but I know I have to work really hard in this campaign.”

Vancouver councillor Elizabeth Ball previously said she will keep her seat if elected for BC Liberals until the next municipal election but forgo her pay, but she lost to Gabe Garfinkel.

Wang said he will “obviously” give up his council position if he is elected in the provincial election.



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